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5th, 6th and 7th of June 2014

We are excited to announce The Hall's first public events for 60 years! We have four amazing shows for you. Book soon to avoid disappointment. 

Don Quijote - A playful exploration of Cervantes’ novel, British Showcase 2013.

HELP! - For anyone who’s ever struggled to pull themselves together. 

Breakers - Explores the complex relationship between man and machine.

Are You Lonesome Tonight? -  Belief, Delusion, Neuroscience and Elvis.

Ticket prices are as follows:

  • 1 show - £7
  • 2 shows - £13
  • 3 shows - £18
  • 4 shows - £22

Book online below or ring The Bike Shed box-office on : 01392 434169

Exeter 2nd Scouts are building you a bar! We will be serving range of bottled beers, ciders, wine and soft drinks as well as Exeter Brewery's Ignite Ale. 

Don Quijote by Tom Frankland and Keir Cooper 

(1 hr 5 mins)
A playful exploration of Cervantes’ novel, combining incredible visual imagery, live music and dance. Featured as part of the 2013 British Council Showcase, this is a performance that takes the same brazen attitude as Cervantes, with equal irreverence, presenting its own radical and absurd worldview. It is about how we don’t know what to do with individuals who want to affect change in unconventional ways, about how radicals are either seen as clowns or oracles and about our role as individuals within society – not necessarily to behave like Don Quijote, but to consider our response to those who do.


Staged amongst the audience, the title role will be played by a secret guest performer unique to each date. Tom Frankland is an award winning performer and theatre maker whose theatrical language focuses on honesty, action and a playful DIY aesthetic. Keir Cooper works in music, design and theatre. He writes and performs with punk trio A Sweet Niche and his work looks at ideas that require simultaneous discipline and irreverence.

"Cheerfully anarchic show takes apart Cervantes' novel – with a power saw – and sends a reminder that change begins with us" * * * * The Guardian

"It’s a life-affirming message of hope through disruption and determination, and if that’s not the best way to start a new year then I just don’t know what is." * * * * Time Out Critics Choice

Click on the date below to book tickets or ring The Bike Shed box-office : 01392 434169

HELP! by Viki Browne and Jointventure Theatre

Viki is not coping. Seeing people is a strain. Reading a book is a battle. Going food shopping is a horse-race and she’s in last place. It’s time to stop pretending to be ok. 

It’s time to ask for help.

Returning to Exeter after success as part of the From Devon With Love Festival, HELP! is an engaging solo performance which questions what we know about ourselves. It’s about falling apart, pulling yourself together and being surprised by what you are left with. 

Taking you from the dairy isle of Sainsbury’s to the greens of Ascot, via a disco of dirty secrets with a euro pop soundtrack; HELP! is a show for anyone who’s ever struggled.

"a surreal blurring between reality and drama, in a refreshingly raw and honest performance.”  - Expose 

"hilarious, warm, touching and thought provoking all in one sitting. A must see." - Dom Jinks, University of Exeter, Arts and Culture.

Click on the date below to book tickets or ring The Bike Shed box-office : 01392 434169

Breakers by Rabblerouse Theatre

2015. Sophie is called into a staff meeting - her working life is about to be turned upside down. She becomes the only employee of an otherwise staff-less supermarket as the powers-that-be push the boundaries of the retail trade. Her old colleagues have been relocated; her new colleagues are an army of self-service checkouts and a squadron of Click and Collect drones.

1812. George is a mill worker in rural Yorkshire – his working life is about the be turned upside down.  The workers have been respected for many years due to their strength and skill but a new wave of shearing frames threatens to disrupt the life that George has built for himself and his family. His best friend, Benjamin, is ready to take action, but what he has in mind could create more problems than it solves.   

From cashiers' tills to Luddites' looms, Breakers explores the complex relationship between man and machine. But who really wins the battle of people versus profit? And how far will you go when your job is the next casualty of war?
Supported by New Wave, Real Idea Organisation and Arts Council England.

Click on the date below to book tickets or ring The Bike Shed box-office : 01392 434169

Are You Lonesome Tonight? by Ellie Stamp

A story becomes a truth by the amount of people who believe in it. Belief is a choice we make. I am the secret love child of Elvis.

Are You Lonesome Tonight? is a solo performance based on a true story.  Ellie has been working with neuroscientists she has been trying to discover how and why delusional beliefs occur. Using 9 numbers that fascinated Sir Issac Newton, Pythagoras and Elvis she explores her lineage to ‘The King’.

Ellie uses theatre, games, dancing and live music to look at how we define and measure ‘madness’. This fun and engaging new show provokes the audience to think about the human condition.

Are You Lonesome Tonight? will be playing at Summerhall during this summer's Edinburgh Fringe Festival, before embarking on a nation-wide tour. 

Developed with support from Arts Council England, Theatre Delicatessen and The Yard Theatre.

Click on the date below to book tickets or ring The Bike Shed box-office : 01392 434169

For bookings please contact the Bikeshed on 01392 434169

For anything else, please contact the festival venue manager Viki Browne on 07740 867982 OR viki@bikeshedtheatre.co.uk.

Ignite is a city-wide festival steered by Exeter Northcott, Exeter Phoenix, Exeter City Council, Cygnet Theatre and The Bike Shed Theatre. The Festival is co-ordinated and led by The Bike Shed Theatre. Supported by Arts Council England and Exeter City Council.