Happy 2014 - Update


We are still working hard to bring The Hall to life. As ever, thank you for your patience. 

Since we last posted we have completely sandblasted the interior walls. Thank you to Rocket Blasting SW, the Church and local residents and businesses for putting up with the dirtiest job I've ever seen. At the end, the floor was covered in 4 inches of sand throughout. It has left The Hall in pretty much the state it was in when it was first built in 1892. It looks amazing.

Since we last spoke, we have shifted our attention from the structure and fabric of the building to preparing for fund raising. Having been mentored by Alan Wright from the Bristol Old Vic theatre, we have decided to go for it and equip the hall throughly to a higher standard than we had originally intended to ensure we can cater for much wider diversity of events and ensure our long term sustainability. This does mean that there may be further delays while be go through grant application process and talk to other potential funders. We have also begun looking for a suitable Patron who shares our philosophy and begun engaging with the council to see how The Hall could potentially fit into their cultural strategy for the city. 

When we bought The Hall we imagined a simple open space with mad max style space-heaters and not a lot more. Over the last 2 years we have run into some massive barriers with fire escapes that we have overcome, and have continually been encouraged to increase the reach and potential of the project, which has ultimately led to sliding forecasts for opening. We hope you will understand and continue to be patient. I've said it many times before but we are sure more than ever that it will be worth it. For these reasons and more, we will not be giving any more forecasts for opening, it will happen but due to the nature of funding we cannot predict how long this will take. We will however keep you regularly updated with our progress. 


Save Saturday 22nd of March as a group of Drama students will be hosting the first 'Thrupenny hop' after a 60 year break. Margret Turbin (featured below) told us about the old dance hall event that took place in the late 40s which we would like to revive. The Thrupenny Hop will take place after their theatre event that will be announced next week. Tickets will be free but are likely to sell quickly. (Last year's sold out in 2 hours).This will also be a rare chance to take a glimpse at the now naked interior of the building. 

Hope to see you all soon.

Alexei & Ruth