May Update

Ignite Theatre Festival

April and May have been busy months in preparation for the Ignite Theatre Festival. On 5, 6, and 7 of June we have four amazing acts for you. We would love to show how busy The Hall could be one day and get some pictures of it back in full swing. To see the full programme and book tickets, click on the link below:

If you in any way need persuading, here are some reviews Don Quixote has received:

"Cheerfully anarchic show takes apart Cervantes' novel – with a power saw – and sends a reminder that change begins with us" * * * * The Guardian

"It’s a life-affirming message of hope through disruption and determination, and if that’s not the best way to start a new year then I just don’t know what is." * * * * Time Out Critics Choice

See all four shows at The Hall for just £22!  We are also running a full bar. Persuaded?


We are still in the process of applying for Heritage Lottery Funding (HLF). The archaeological survey is nearly complete; I shall post a copy on here when it's done. Next will be the building survey, which should take a month or two, and then we shall return to the HLF for more guidance. We are no longer giving estimates as to when we may re-launch in order to avoid any disappointment. In the meantime, please support us in attending our skeleton programme of events this summer.

The Building

As much as possible, we are trying to get on with some of the reconditioning with the money we have left. All the windows have now been repaired, re-glazed where required, and re-painted in original colours (or as near as). We are also about to double-glaze the rear windows to aid soundproofing (and heat retention when we eventually have heating). Bolton town hall were getting rid of their stunning 1960's theatre lights, so we gladly purchased them (strand 123s and 23s for the retro-lighting nerds out there) and they are currently being stripped and renovated in Oxfordshire. We are now aiming to get them going sometime in the summer - I had hoped to have them ready for Ignite but with my sister and I both due babies in the next week we have run out of time. Here are the lights ready to be re-built:

Exeter 2nd Scouts kindly gave up three evenings recently to build us a bar for the theatre festival. The bar is a prototype of the proposed design, so we will be able to see whether it needs tweaking before we commission it as part of the refurbishment. To read about the scouts efforts, please see our previous post here:

The fire escape has finally passed the planning phase! We can't quite believe it, given the problems that it has caused, but persistence has paid off in this case. We are about to submit our application for outline permission to rebuild the rear section. The designs below have had a big input from our members, so we thank you for all your feedback and constructive criticism.

Here are the plans! Click to see a bigger version.

Summer Events

Currently, The Hall is pretty basic, although the space is clear. Given that fundraising may take some time, we have decided to just get on with as much as we can. Over the summer, we will be putting on a few events to demonstrate to our potential funders that there is demand and interest. Please keep an eye on our what's on calendar and make sure you have signed up as a member/joined our Facebook group/twitter to be kept up to date. 

Again, thank you for your patience! We really hope to see you all at the Ignite Theatre Festival in a couple of weeks.


PS. This Thursday we have a volunteer day to get the space ready for Ignite. If you have any time free please pop down. More info here :

April Update

Things are starting to move here at The Hall again. Since realising that fund-raising could take some time, we have decided to get on with running some events during the summer while we prepare our Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) application. Please keep an eye on the events section of our website and sign up as a member to get invites.

So here is a brief update on whats been going on.

The Building

The Hall has been sandblasted by and all sand removed (by Exeter Uni Drama Students) and we are now getting ready to prepare the windows for painting and soundproofing. It looks stunning so please drop in and have a look or come to one of our volunteer days and have a peek! We would love to get your feed back on some of the proposed designs also. Most leaks have stopped although we have found two last points of water ingress we are now dealing with.


We have begun talks with the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF), who have asked us to complete an archaeological and building conditions survey which are both now underway. Once we get a clearer idea of how we might work with the HLF then we will start talking to foundations and other private funders. In the meantime, we do have the facility to accept donations on our website. There are many unknowns as to how long it may take to raise the funds, so we have withdrawn any predictions on when we might open after the refurbishment. Instead, we have decided to get on with some events. 


We are very excited at the prospect of holding some trial events in The Hall this summer. We are limited to 40/50 people until be get our new fire escape and we will have to close in October when it gets cold. Running some events will give us a better idea of how the building operates and gives us an opportunity to meet you and find out what you want! 

We held our first ever dance event on the 22nd of March - the first Thrupenny Hop for 69 years. Margaret Turbin told us about the gramophone disco that took place in the 40's which we want to re-instate. Thanks to everyone that turned up, dressed up,  despite the cold.
Here are some pictures

Before the Thrupenny Hop, Exeter Uni Drama department help a couple of their end of year productions that were fantastic. Once of the productions featured a complete history of The Hall and a puppet show of the Character from the famous Mathew Miller Clock on west street.
We are also proud to announce that The Hall will be a venue for Exeter's Ignite Festival. We will be open from the 4th to the 7th of June will up to 6 national standard and some award winning productions. Expect some tantalising announcements very soon. Also in the planning are some Historic Exeter Talks, Dinner Dances, Dinner Talks and acoustic music nights.  Stay tuned and keep tabs on our whats on calendar.. Here you will also see when we are open for Volunteer days. Please support us this summer.


We had to abandon our efforts to send out regular newsletters after an increasing amour ended up in spam filters. We are now trying again with a new method; if you are a member and you are not receiving email from us, please do let us know. If you are on facebook or twitter, please follow and like us to get even more regular updates.

See you all very soon

Alexei & Ruth