Christmas food poverty appeal.

This Christmas, Exeter needs your help! 

We are collecting food for other charities on December the 6th

We are teaming up with V-inspired to raise awareness and help tackle food poverty in Exeter this Christmas.

On December the 6th we will open all day to collect food and/or money in return for entertaining, feeding and thanking you. 

As long as food is in date and unopened we will gladly take it from you and distribute to various charities and organisations who know how best to make a difference. 

Shortly we will be announcing a program of events during the day as well as logistical arrangements like parking, timing and preferred food types. 

More details coming soon. Please come back and visit this page soon.

Please help us promote this event

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  • Ask your boss, place of worship, organisation to make an announcement.


Thanks everyone for making the event such a success. We received over 300 donations to help those in need over Christmas.