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Euripides' 'Hecuba'

Exeter University Theatre Company presents a modern day adaptation of Euripides' 'Hecuba' in a new version by Frank McGuinness.

‘Which road do I follow? That one or this?’
Troy has fallen. In the days just passed Hecuba has lost her city, her family and her home. She is now being transported by the Greek army as a slave to live the rest of her life in bondage.Whilst the Greeks have been sailing, the wind has died. Achilles’ ghost, angered by his death in the battle for Troy, has stopped the Greeks in their ships and has left them stranded in Thrace. Achilles demands a blood sacrifice in recognition of his military triumphs before he will let the winds rise and the Greeks return home.In order to fulfil Achilles’ wish the Greeks ask Hecuba to pay a terrible price.

In this modern day adaption of Euripides’ classic tale, translated in a new version by Frank McGuinness, we see Hecuba in her status as a refugee, torn from her home and her children. Amidst her confusion and suffering we see how pain can harde

n, and how tragedy can create further tragedy.

Playing for 3 nights:

Thursday 20th November 7:30PM
Friday 21st November 7:30PM
Saturday 22nd November 7:30PM

Ticket Prices & number of tickets: £3.50 for EUTCO members, £4.50 for non-members.

Please note: We do not currently have heating so please dress warmly. 

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